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How Does It Work

MipTags are Mobile Information Post Tags that unlock your parking garages revenue potential. With MipTags a consumer can easily find their car location. While local business is given the opportunity to give a personal incentive for potential customers to buy there product by advertising using the power of MipTags Parking


Finding your parking space made easy

MipTags take the stress out of remembering where you parked. Now, when parking in a garage powered by MipTags, your car becomes a click away. Never lose your parking spot again


Enter The MipTag

When you drive into a parking space enter the MipTag into the MipTag app. Here you will find your specific location to reference after your done with your day. Finding your parking space has never been easier & rewarding


Using MipTags is Rewarding

Unlock your parking garage revenue potential

Unlock your rewards today with MipTags

Amazing offers available by using MipTags

Parking By The Numbers

Hover over the numbers to learn about MipTags Parking


short description about the number shows when user hovers


short description about the number shows when user hovers


short description about the number shows when user hovers

MipTags Parking Benefits

    Benefits for the Advertiser

  • Reach your Target Demographic you desire
  • Engage with customers more than just showing an ad
  • Let customers buy and engage with your business instantly with MipTags
    Benefits for the Customer

  • Never lose your parking spot again
  • Receive exclusive discount like never before
  • Get updates when you are near a garage that offers rewards for parking
    Benefits for the Parking Garage

  • Increase customer satisfaction with MipTags Numbers spaces
  • Bring in more new parking customers with Rewards
  • Increase Incremental Revenue with out clutter of traditional ads


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